Woman Arrested for Abducting Child Over Shs. 200,000 Debt


A woman has been apprehended by the police in Kabalagala for kidnapping a 4-year-old boy, allegedly in response to the child’s mother failing to repay a debt of Shs 200,000.[AT]

Jacqueline Basilika recounted that Sharon Kihembo approached her at approximately 9 pm on Tuesday, requesting her son’s assistance in carrying some items she had left at the boda-boda stage.

Given their familiarity with each other in Kanyogoga village, Bukasa parish, Makindye Division, Basilika didn’t hesitate to allow her son to assist Kihembo, unaware of her true intentions to abduct him.

Subsequently, Basilika received distressing information from another friend, Grace Alenyo, stating that Kihembo had contacted her and demanded payment of the debt before releasing the child.

Kihembo claimed that she had given Basilika the money while she was pregnant with the abducted child, but Basilika had failed to repay her even after four years.

Basilika admitted that she owed Kihembo the Shs 200,000, but she never anticipated that Kihembo would resort to abducting her child. Kihembo further insisted that she now required Shs 800,000 instead of the initial amount given.

However, on Thursday, the police managed to locate and retrieve the boy after apprehending Kihembo at Nakasero market in Kampala city. Kihembo subsequently led the police to Makindye-Salama, where she had hidden the boy while waiting for Basilika to send the money.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan Police, expressed gratitude to the community members who provided information and assisted in the investigation.

Thanks to the collaboration between the police and the public, the boy, named Engole Mark, was successfully reunited with his mother Basilika. Kihembo is currently in custody at Kabalagala police station, awaiting charges of abduction to be filed against her in court.

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