Wind Lobbyists Want Taxpayer To Cover Losses


Unforeseen costs (not obvious to green zealots, at least) mean the government should hand even more money to the wind industry, lobbyists say, threatening to pull out of the UK unless their demands are met.

Groups want a revision to rules so that decisions weigh in their favour. Among them, is a change to auction rules which would see winners determined not by the best bid but their contribution to Net Zero targets, and an 2.5x increase in subsidies for non-floating offshore wind.

The call is a u-turn, as recently the industry claimed it did not need public support.

“It would be both absurd and counterproductive for the Government to bail out the wind industry in spite of the evident failure to reduce costs. A refusal to learn from mistakes will be disastrous,” Dr. John Constable, Net Zero Watch’s Energy Director said.

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