Two Detained for Vandalizing Road Sign Posts along Matany-Kokeris Road


Two individuals have been apprehended in connection with the destructive act of vandalizing road signposts along the Matany-Kokeris Road. The Central Police Station in Napak is currently holding the suspects, identified as Ongom David (29 years old) and Loyile Isaac (25 years old), both residents of Longalom village in Matany Sub-county in Napak District. 

The incident came to light when UNRA (Uganda National Roads Authority) staff, conducting routine surveillance on July 5, 2023, reported the case to the Napak CPS. Allegedly, on the same night at approximately 11:00 PM, the suspects employed an axle blade to sever 14 road sign posts along the Matany-Kokeris Road, subsequently selling them to scrap dealers.

Responding swiftly to the report, a team of dedicated detectives and uniformed personnel promptly visited the scene, meticulously documenting and capturing photographic evidence. Statements from relevant witnesses were also recorded, aiding the ongoing investigation process.

A positive turn of events emerged as all 14 road signposts were successfully recovered from the involved scrap dealers and are now being held as crucial exhibits. Furthermore, the scrap dealers in question have been summoned to the CPS Napak for further interrogation, seeking additional insights into the matter.

It is imperative to highlight the importance of this cautionary message to the community, urging against any involvement in the vandalism of road sign posts and subsequent sale as scrap. These signposts serve as essential markers, ensuring the safety and well-being of all road users.



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