S3x on altar: What man told LCI court


Bugonya Village LC 1 on Tuesday sat for the first time to hear the case of Mr Thomas Ndabarora and his lover who were caught having s3x on the altar of Bugonya Anglican Church in Kayonza Sub-county, Kayunga District, on July 2.Time check, 4:50pm: The village courts sits at the home of the village chairman, Mr George William Kanda. 

Mr Ndabarora, aka “Boy”, is seated alone on a bench holding his head in his palm. The LC I executive members included Mr Joseph Kahinda, the secretary for defence, Ms Matilda Nanyonjo, the secretary for production and environment, and Mr Sam Lusse, the secretary for information.  George William Kanda: Members, let us start, but I am not seeing your lover with whom you were allegedly caught in church having s3x (points at Ndabarora) and also where is your official wife? I want both of them here because they were involved in this case. Boy, go and bring them here. 

Mr Ndabarora, stands up and jumps onto his boda boda to look for his official wife and the woman he was caught having s3x with in church. In a few minutes, he returns with his official wife, Ms Fatuma Nayisaza. Mr Kanda:  What about your l0ver, where is she? Mr Ndabarora:  Mr chairman, I have checked at her mother’s home, where she lives, but she is not there. Mr Kanda:  Okay, I think let us proceed. Nayisaza, (Ndabarora’s official wife), tell us what happened on that day.

Ms Nayisaza:  On that day at around 8pm, I was at our home and one of the residents came running and told me of how she had seen my husband entering a Church with another woman.  After getting the tip-off, I ran and informed some of my neighbours about it. Together with them, we paced to the Church and when we reached, we stood at one of the windows near the altar, where we heard noise.  One of the residents had a torch and when he lit it, we saw my husband and his lover nak3d having s3x on a bench on the altar. 

We jumped through the window and caught them as they tried to flee. I tried to pounce on the woman, but he kicked me and I also slapped her. But we overpowered them and marched them to your home here (chairman’s home). Mr Kanda: What about the exhibits of a T-shirt and headgear you brought here? How did you get them?

 Ms Nayisaza: At the time we pounced on them, they were half-naked, this man had removed his T-shirt and the woman had removed her headgear and placed it near where they were. That is all. But chairman for me, I forgave him. Mr Kanda: If you forgave him that is your family issue. This is an LC court. Boy, tell us. Is [the narration] she has told this court true? 

Mr Ndabarora: Chairman, it is true but I want to apologise before you and the entire village that I am sorry and I will never repeat this. I am pleading for forgiveness. Ms Matilda Nanyonjo, the secretary of production and environment affairs. Boy, why didn’t you go to the nearby bush with your lover and of all places you opted to go and have s3x in the Church? 

Mr Ndabarora looks down and refuses to respond to the question. Mr Kanda: It is good you have pleaded guilty, but what are you going to do so that you can soften the hearts of the Christians, residents and the clergy in whose Church you did such an unbecoming act? This is because they (Christians) are demanding that you buy the six window shutters as a punitive measure. 

Mr Ndabarora: Chairman, I am not in a position to buy those window shutters. Mr Kanda: Don’t take this matter lightly, what you are saying is contempt of court. You committed this offence when you were in sound mind. If you joke around, we shall leave this matter to the clergy and you will be penalised highly. 

In such a case, you cannot just apologise and it ends there. You have to do something which will show that you have been disciplined. Mr Ndabarora, kneels down before the LC court as his official wife looks on while laughing. Mr Ndabarora:  Chairman I have apologised and I think this is enough. I don’t have money to buy the windows. 

Mr Joseph Kahinda, the secretary for defence: Boy, you are taking this case lightly, you should know that the archdeacon (Bbaale archdeaconry) has intervened in this case and the bishop of Mukono Diocese is also concerned and wants to know you were punished for what you did. We shall leave you so that the Church can handle you. 

Mr Kanda: Your father shall also be summoned to this court because we have heard that since this incident happened, he has been going around the village boasting that his son (the accused) has worked and that there is nothing wrong with what you did. Mr Kahinda: What you should know is that when you commit an offence, you should be ready to pay the penalty, and also be prepared to face the clergy.

 Mr Ndabarora (kneels down again). Please help me to talk to them (clergy) so that they forgive me and everything ends. I am sorry. Mr Kanda:  Members, it is now 6:06pm, legally, we cannot proceed to hear this case when it is after 6pm. I adjourn this case to another date. I will inform you.

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