One Youth Council babe crashes top politicians’ marriage

One of the females who sit on the executive committee of the National Youth Council of Uganda has been accused of ‘crashing’ top politicians’ marriages, the source has exclusively established.[RP]

The babe whom we shall not mention for now appears well connected going by people she poses in pictures with.

We are told her targets include ministers, Members of Parliament, sportsmen, businessmen and several senior government officials.


One of them is a minister from eastern Uganda. He has two wives-at least publicly-and one hails from Kazo district, western Uganda.

We have been, however, told she is threatening to crush his marriage(s). The minister reportedly sees her behind wives’ backs and they are not happy.

We are told the same babe has also been linked to a certain Mp well known in sports circles. This Mp is married to a powerful woman in this country on top of other women being a muslim. We have been however told that the powerful woman of this Mp recently summoned the Youth Council babe and read to her a riot act.

She has also been previously linked to a top official at the Confederation of African Football (CAF). Others include two Mps from central Buganda—one is not yet married and another married recently. Another Mp hails from western Uganda.

There is even a séx video in circulation purported to be of the same babe being drilled by an unknown dude in a missionary position. We are still verifying it. It is purported to have been leaked by one of the women she shares their husbands with.

The National Youth Council is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament as an umbrella organization of all Youth in Uganda between the ages of 18-30 years and is mandated to organize, mobilize and engage Youth in development activities as well as protect them from any kind of manipulation. It has a secretariat in Ntinda. Its current boss is newlywed Jacob Eyeru.

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