Nwagi chased off stage in Masindi


Swangz Avenue artist Winnie Nakanwagi popularly known as Winnie Nwagi fled the stage mid performance during a performance in Masindi on Saturday. 

The concert dubbed Ekimbuuru Kaganga concert wae organized by BBS FM. In a video making rounds on internet, a fan was seen trying to indecently touch Nwagi’s body. On impulse, she used her only weapon at hand- the microphone to beat the living lights out of the randy fan. 

It rubbed the crowd the wrong way and as the singer called for another song, fans started heckling and interrupting her. Before she could take stock of the situation, bottles were flying towards her direction. This prompted her to end her performance mid way. She left after giving the fans a stern warning. ” I didn’t come here for you to touch my body as you wish. I am not a whore on stage.” Nwagi fumed before storming off stage. 

Ironically, a day before the Masindi incident, Nwagi was the victim of bad touches in a city bar when a drunk male reveller tried to shove money in her pumped up cleavage. Instinctively, she shoved him and threw his money away. The Singer has been making sincere warnings to her fans to always respect her while on stage but it seems her word has fallen on deaf ears.

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