Man kills self after police dog went to his home over theft.


Today morning, a man in Mbale has slaughtered himself after a police dog sniffed to his home over theft.

The late now has been identified as Yusuf Magomu aged 39 years, a resident of Nakinawa cell, Bulweta ward in Northern division, Mbale city.

Speaking to area LC1,  Mr Gimugu Edward, he said  that the police dog was brought by a one Hajji Hussein Mumeya Mandela to help in the hunting of one who stole his matooke. 

"The police dog sniffed from the banana plantation to Yusuf's home, now the late, we tried knocking his door he refused to open, on pushing the door, we found him lying helplessly in the pool of blood on his bed"- LC1.  

By time of writing this story, police had not issued an official communication though we promise to keep you updated.

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