Man hacks wife, two children over infidelity


A man has hacked his wife and two children to death in Luweero district over suspicion that the woman cheated on him.

The incident occurred in Bukomba village, Nakikooda parish, Luweero district on Wednesday, July 5.

The man has been identified as 68-year-old Steven Musisi who came to believe that his wife Aisha Nagayi had cheated and produced two children who were not his.

After years of conflict, on Wednesday, Musisi snapped and attacked Aisha as well as their five children, killing two of the children during the attack.

Musisi hacked to death the children’s mother Aisha; Esther Namiiro aged 9 and Jonathan Mutebi Jonathan aged 1 and a half years.

He also inflicted grave injuries on the other children called Carol Namutebi aged 7 and Cathy Namuddu aged 5.

Police believe that after the Wednesday night attack on his family, believing all were dead, Musisi then hung himself until he died. His body was found hanging on the door of their marital bedroom.

Shocked residents said that since the family moved to the village four years ago, there had not been any record of conflict with neighbours or anyone in the community.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga urged parents or guardians not to regard children as possessions to avoid such deadly outcomes.

He encouraged families that have misunderstandings to seek help at the Child and Family Protection Unit, LC, or probation office.

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