KISORO : A tragic accident, has claimed the life of a primary teacher while on his way to School


The deceased is identified as Senzira Henry known as Sempa, a 41-year-old math and science teacher at Kabami Primary School in Chahafi Town Council.

The motorcycle, carrying a box of Mandazi, was registered under the number UFC 984D.

Unfortunately, the identity of the rider remains unknown as he fled the scene. This hit-and-run incident has left the community in shock and mourning.

Sempa, a resident of Gisha Cell in Central Ward, Chahafi Town Council, had been a dedicated teacher at Kabami Primary School since 2010.

His passion for teaching and his unique approach to education made him an iconic figure in his village. The Gisha LC1 Chairperson, Wandirera Joseph, expressed his deep sorrow and condemned the reckless speeding of Mandazi riders, which has led to numerous accidents and loss of lives.

Turinayo Herbert, the Deputy Head Teacher of Kabami Primary School, shared his disbelief upon hearing the news of Sempa’s accident. He was waiting for Sempa at school, ready to collaborate on the day’s work timetable.

Herbert described Sempa as a passionate, respectful, practical, and irreplaceable teacher. The loss of such a dedicated educator has deeply affected the school community.

Herbert appealed to the employers of Mandazi riders to take responsibility for their employees and discourage reckless speeding.

He acknowledged that many riders engage in competitive behavior to secure more customers, but this has dire consequences for other road users.

Herbert emphasized the need for safety and urged everyone to consider the well-being of others on the road.

At the time of this report, the box of Mandazi was missing from the scene of the accident. Witnesses mentioned that it bore the label of Gift Bakery.

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