I wrote Sheebah’s first song – Cindy


Singer Cindy Sanyu has asserted that she wrote her nemesis Sheebah Karungi’s first song, took her to studio to record it and spent a year helping her hone her music craft. She made the remarks while speaking to journalists on July 20 about her upcoming concert that she has put on the same day as Sheebah’s Yolo Festival. The intriguing bit is, it will be at the same venue – Kololo Ceremonial Grounds on September 15, 2023. “She is a kid to me. I wrote her first song so I cannot compete with my children. It is called Ngenda Kunyenyeza, I wrote that song.

I went with her to studio, to Washington (producer). I nurtured her for a whole year,” Cindy told reporters. The song uploaded on YouTube in 2010 (13 years ago) has 3.4k views, far below the number of views an average Sheebah song gets in 24 hours. Cindy added that Sheebah feared the music battle she dared her to five years ago because nobody can compete with her musically right now.

But if she changes her mind and picks up the challenge, Cindy boasted that any day is good for business. Sheebah and Cindy haven’t seen eye to eye for the last over half a decade. They have tried to outdo each other every time they get the chance.

This year, it took a new twist after the formation of the Uganda National Musicians Federation, where Sheebah is a vice-president, while Cindy is president of the Uganda Musicians Association, two rival camps.

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