E-Air: Just Stop Oil Backer Builds Electric Plane


Multi-millionaire eco-tycoon Dale Vince will charter domestic flights on zero emissions flights on Ecojet planes that have been retrofitted with hydrogen-electric engines if his ‘aviation revolution’ is successful, he claims.

The fleet will consist of 19-set and 70-seat aircraft, whose only waste product will be water resulting from the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen by hydrogen fuel cells.

The problem? The planes will burn kerosene in the meantime, meaning they’re not as green as their inventor says. On top of that, nobody is even sure if the innovation is practicable - the range of the jets will be around 300 miles.

All that will be sorted out during trials, supporters argue, but again, it’s not so simple. Firstly, aviation is a no risk game - if a plane crashes, people die. Hydrogen fuel in plane tests is nowhere near zero-risk. Also, the trials need approval from airports, who would be brave to take on such a risk.

Just more greenwashing?


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