Covid Vaccine Linked To Eroding Eye Syndrome's 7-fold Increase


The rare and potentially fatal skin disorder, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which causes hypersensitivity, rashes, blistering and severe damage to the eyes, genitalia and mouth is linked to the lower threshold caused by vaccines or the virus itself according to a case series published in the Burns medical journal.

SJS is typically treated as a burn due to its similarities to such incidents, and a burns unit in Australia has observed a 7-fold increase in the syndrome - all of which came from vaccinated people.

Before Covid, Concord Repatriation General Hospital saw approximately 2-4 cases per year, but this jumped to 14 in the first six months of 2022. Five of the patients had caught Covid, and three had received a vaccine. No cases were reported amongst the unvaccinated.

Some researchers believe the vaccine may bind itself to call receptors that trigger SJS and influence the body’s T-cell immune response, which peaks at 7-18 days post vaccination - which is what was seen in the observed cases.

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