Byron Donalds Slams Student Loan Forgiveness As ‘Dictatorial’ And ‘Unconstitutional’


Biden’s plan to erase the debt of 804,000 student borrowers, eliminating more than $29bn worth of payments, “should not be tolerated,” the Florida representative said.

“You can’t have an executive that just decides — because of politics — ‘Well, I’m just going to do this,’” Donalds told the Washington Examiner. “Joe Biden is playing ‘catch me if you can’ with our political system and the courts.”

“When you start just forgiving debt, it’s a backdoor stimulus. No. 2, it hurts new loans to be issued in the future,” he said. “If it’s now being understood that you don’t have to repay debt, then why would people take any care with what they borrow? This creates a serious moral hazard in our economy."


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