Alcohol-drinking competition winner dies in Amuru

Julious Ocitti’s victory in beating Christopher Oweka in an alcohol-drinking competition has been short-lived and eclipsed by his (Ocitti’s) death. 

According to Gladys Auma, one of the community members where the competition took place, Ocotti, 37, and Oweka, 23, joined the alcohol-drinking competition after sh10,000 was staked for the winner.  Auma said Innocent Okot, one of the community members of Okidi parish, organised the drinking competition, which saw Ocitti drink six bottles of a local gin known as kadeng ci deng.  

Ocitti, who was a resident of Lagot Oywee village Oin kidi parish, Atiak sub-county in Amuru district, had received his sh10,000 for winning the competition from Okot before he passed on. “He tried to get back to his home, but he collapsed within less than five metres. He was later rushed to Atiak Health Centre IV where he was pronounced dead,” Auma said. 

Christopher Oweka, who had drank five bottles of alcohol, received sh5,000. He was, however, also rushed to Atiak Health Centre IV, but he escaped from the health facility on Monday morning. Clan members revenge Atiak LC3 chairperson Samuel Akera said a section of community members of the Puroc-Pujok clan on Sunday raided Pukung Clan following the death of Ocitti and torched 10 huts. 

“During the attack, foodstuff and animals were looted,” Akera said. Akera added that they contacted the Uganda Red Cross Society to support the people whose huts were burnt in the attack. Amuru Resident District Commissioner Steven Odong Latek asked the Police to carry out a proper investigation. 

Aswa Police region spokesperson David Ongom Mudong said he had not received all the details about the case. A case of arson is registered at Atiak Police post under SD /15/14/7/2023.

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