A vanilla farmer blames government for setting unfavourable harvest time


Mr Selevano Muyonga, another vanilla farmer from Mughete Village in Kitabu Sub-county, blames government for setting unfavourable harvest time which has exacerbated the situation.

Mr Muyonga says the vanilla beans have already started dropping off the plants, indicating that it is past the ideal harvest time.

“I am wondering why the government extended the harvest date to July 17  this season when it used to be around July 5. This delay in harvest could result in even further price reductions and a loss in quantity harvested,” he adds.

Mr Archangel Kule, the manager of Mughete Nyakabaale Vanilla Farmers’ Cooperative Society, describes the current situation as a challenging time for vanilla exporters.

“As a cooperative, we had invested significant resources in the farmers through training and advance payments. However, given the current prices of the cash crop, it is unclear how the farmers will be able to repay these loans,” he says.

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