Phones Suspected to Have Been Snatched in Vumbula Concert in Jinja Recovered in Police Operation --KMP Spox

In a successful joint operation by Kampala Metropolitan North Police, including Cyber, Forensic, Crime Intelligence, and the Flying Squad, a significant number of mobile phones believed to have been snatched during the Vumbula Concert in Jinja City have been recovered. The operation took place on June 6, 2023, based on crucial intelligence information.

Dedicated police officers from Kanyanya Police Station, Kawempe Division, swiftly acted upon receiving information and apprehended two suspects in Kyebando Central Zone. The suspects are Nuwamanya Julius (aka Nsubuga James), 20, a technician, and Kisakye Mark, 20, self-employed, both residents of Kyebando Central Zone, Kampala District.

Recovered items from the suspects include:

📱 12 iPhone smartphones

📱 03 Samsung smartphones

📱 01 itel smartphone

📱 A blue Nokia smartphone

📱 03 itel button phones

📱 03 Nokia button phones

🔋 01 power bank

🆔 03 National identity cards

🆔 01 Ugandan passport (Judith Kyarimpa)

🆔 01 Saudi Arabian identity card (Judith Kyarimpa)

📲 08 MTN SIM cards

📲 13 Airtel SIM cards

📲 03 Lycah cards

💽 03 damaged hard disks

⚡ 01 APC converter

📻 01 UBN radio

💻 01 Dell 14-inch laptop

📶 01 WiFi D-link

A case of possession of suspected stolen items has been registered under Kanyanya Police Station. The recovered items are properly exhibited and securely attached to the case file. Relevant statements obtained during the investigation have been included as evidence.

The recovered mobile phones were found in a second-hand state, with some displaying cracked screens and covers. The iPhones lacked SIM cards, and some had photos of their rightful owners visible on the screens.

Stay tuned for further updates on this investigation.


Deputy KMP SPOX, Luke Owoyesigyire

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