LoP, Mpuuga Exposes Rot in Education Sector

Under the government policy on Education, each Sub-County must have a public secondary school. 

This, however, is not the case for Kiganda Sub-County in Kassanda district.

The community, working together with the local Church of Uganda leadership, moved to establish one. It would share facilities with Kamusenene Primary School as they wait on the government to live up to the promise of building a SEED Secondary School in the area.

The primary school unfortunately doesn’t have enough classrooms, the staff quarters have no doors; they use polythene sheets to “close/shut” their residences.

The pit latrine (frame 4) is what the teachers & learners here use!

The church structure is the only building that the proposed Kamusenene SEED S.S is proud of. 

The rocks under the tree (frame 2) are the furniture in the S1 “class.” No one knows when the regime will implement the SEED secondary school project for Kiganda Sub County. - Rt Hon Mathias Mpuuga, LoP in Parliament

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