Ronald Odyek,pharmacist Nebbi General hospital allegedly steals a significant amount of essential drugs worth millions

Ronald Odyek, the dispenser/pharmacist of Nebbi General hospital in Nebbi district is in custody for allegedly stealing a significant amount of essential drugs worth millions of shillings.

Odyek was apprehended along with three others last week. Nebbi district police commander, Aminsi Kayondo said hat security officers were able to apprehend the suspects based on information provided by vigilant members of the public.

This development came after a bodaboda cyclist was caught with government drugs. During interrogation, the cyclist revealed that Odyek had instructed him to deliver the drugs to one of his customers, who operates a drug shop at Omeyer trading center in Nebbi sub-county. 

Nebbi district LC V chairperson, Robert Urombi, disclosed that Odyek was previously been caught with another batch of stolen government drugs in August 2021 at a police checkpoint in Madi-Okollo district. The seized drugs were worth Shs 800,000.

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