DOUBLE HOMICIDE: Man found dead in lover's house

Police in Kamuli District are investigating a double homicide which occurred on Tuesday in Butansi Sub-county.

In one incident, Majid Mugweri, 45, was found dead at the house of his lover, identified by Police as Hadijah Naigaga, located in Nakyaka Zone.[Monitor]

Micheal Kasadha, the Busoga North Police Spokesperson, said while Naigaga said she was at a burial vigil when the attack happened, upon introduction of the Police K-9 dog, it led detectives to the home of another man, who is alleged to be her other lover and prime suspect. 

“We are on ground investigating the death of Mugweri after our sniffer dog led us to the home of a suspected rival lover; we shall keep you updated,” Kasadha told journalists on Wednesday.

Naigaga had reported that she was at a vigil and only returned home to find a body in her house; however, residents claim the deceased was also at the vigil up to about 10pm and that Naigaga could have sneaked back to create an alibi.

An alibi is a claim that one cannot be guilty of a crime because they were somewhere else when the crime was committed.

Man hacks wife to death over abortion

Elsewhere, Yoweri Mugaya, a resident of Bulyapande Zone in the same Sub-county, allegedly hacked his wife to death after she reportedly carried out an abortion without his permission.

But residents say it is Mugaya who personally took the deceased to a herbalist who gave her a concoction to abort, before he allegedly hacked her to death.

"A mob later descended on him, beat him into coma before Police intervened and rushed him to Kamuli District Hospital,” a resident told this publication on condition of anonymity for fear of being summoned by Police as a witness.

Police took both bodies to Kamuli District Hospital mortuary for an autopsy.

Azalia Mikago the Butansi Sub-county Council Speaker, described both incidents as "unfortunate" and called for marital counseling among communities to curb domestic and sexual violence.

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