Govt Could ban upcountry Xmas travel over Ebola

Dr. Aceng claims that the ministry of health is keeping a close eye on the rates of Ebola infections and that, when the time is right, they will advise on whether or not it is wise to prohibit people from traveling upcountry for Christmas.

She asserts that we are entering the holiday season and you all see how vehicles move during the holiday season, so you know what happens as Ebola spreads by foot, bus, train, or any other related mode.

Therefore, as we approach the holiday season, Ebola will spread from wherever it is, she added that therefore, as they continue to follow the progression of the epidemic, if you hear them urging people not to go to in villages for Christmas, please stand with them because it would be extremely unfortunate if Ebola was to be brought to the grandparents...They keep an eye on things every day, which is why they provide statistics.

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