Team Chairman MK Project Donates to Mbarara Based King of Kings Ministries

Ugandans have been urged to promote Peace and embrace the development programmes initiated by the government, as a way of fostering house hold income.

The call was made by Dr.Bishop Silas Tayebwa, the CEO King of Kings Ministries International Incorporation, during the thanks giving ceremony for GNTV, a church owned broadcaster.

Flanked by his Wife, Dr.Bishop Nicola Tayebwa, Silas advised all Ugandans to embrace all government programs about poverty alleviation, more especially the Parish Development Model among others

" We want to thank members of Team Chairman for joining us in the celebrations of GNTV. They are here because God wanted them to be here . We appreciate the work they are doing across the country and we are happy they are patriotic . We also encourage Ugandans to love their country and embrace government programs", Bishop Silas further emphasised Unity and Peace among Ugandans. 

The function was graced by members of Team Chairman MK Project , a famous outfit promoting the achievements and interests of Lt.Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Commander Land Forces.

President Museveni’s younger brother Michael Toyota Nuwagira ,the head of Team Chairman MK Project was represented by his Deputy, Ben Akatukwasa. Also in attendance were Hon. Stephen Kangwagye Rwakanuma the Bukanga County MP and Rweyeshera Ashirafah ( Chief Coordinator MK Project Western Region) among other top leaders .

Speaking to the congregation which among others included king of kings church members , Mbarara Business Community, local leaders , religious and cultural representatives, the Vice Chairman Team Chairman MK Project Ben Akatukwasa asked Ugandans to be patriotic and think all the time about Uganda , promoting Peace ,Development but not individual tribes.

"Our aim is to promote development, talents, unity, entertainment but also to remind you that Gen. Muhoozi loves his Country Uganda and Africa, the reason why we are supporting him and celebrating his achievements ", said Akatukwasa before thanking the leadership of King of Kings Ministries for the spiritual empowerment to the people of Mbarara. 

Team Chairman MK Project was invited to be the chief guest because of their love for development and promotion of peace in the country. 

Hon. Stephen Kangyegye and Rweyeshera said Team Chairman's role is not only to promote development and supporting government programs, but also to promote Lt.Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba. 

Kangyegye hailed President Museveni for bringing Peace not only in Uganda but the whole Great Lakes Region. 

The colourful ceremony was characterized by performances from King of Kings choir , Rushere school choir, Kashongi High school choir, Congolese Church among others .

Team Chairman was the first group to organize Muhoozi’s birthday celebrations in Kampala at Lugogo where multitudes from across Africa attended.

Muhoozi, in a colourful event marked 48 years of age and many Ugandans both old and the young people have since then referred to him as standby generator. 

Following the Lugogo birthday bash held early this year,Toyota and his group ( Team Chairman MK Project) have organized several events leaving Ugandans praising their mobilisation capabilities.

What has kept Team Chairman outstanding is the group singlehandedly facilitates all the events and has now embarked on promoting talents , development and unity among Ugandans. 

Recently while launching Sevo cup in kampala , Toyota Nuwagira urged the youth to join the Team Chairman for development programs. 

“Youth let’s work together, we are not political but working towards transforming society. NUP, FDC, NRM are all in our team,” Toyota said.

The Team will be in Mbarara for two days (Friday and Saturday) engaging in transformative activities including promoting talents.

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