Macron Suggests Covid Link to Ukraine Conflict

Macron Suggests Covid Link to Ukraine Conflict

Macron speculated about Putin’s mindset and the reasons he ordered Russian troops to enter Ukraine in late February, during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday.

“I have no rational explanation. I think this is a series of resentment, this is a strategy of hegemony in the region, and I would say this is a post-Covid-19 consequence, isolation,” he said.

When asked about the positions of countries such as China, which refused to implement sanctions against Russia, Macron declined to condemn them.

“I think we have to avoid lecturing people and saying we are on the good side of history. I think, if we have a lot of respect, we try to understand where they stand, what they do believe in, and what their feelings are, we can convince them,” he said.

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