Denis Batte’s Touching Tale of Surviving Leg Amputation after Using Senfuka’s Herbal Remedies

Just like anyone, David Batte, 36, a resident of Kansanga in Makindye and businessman, was so excited about 2020 and had been carefully planning his dealings on how to end the year undisturbed.

But the universe obviously had other ideas because six months before the year ends, he was diagnosed with Kaposi sarcoma, a disease in which cancer cells are found in the skin.

Kaposi sarcoma (KS), according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is a vascular tumor caused by the creation of spindle cells in the endothelium of blood vessels, it causes lesions to grow in the skin, lymph nodes, internal organs and sometimes mucous.

In mid 2020, Batte started experiencing lesions (an abnormal area of tissue inside or outside the body that may get bigger or change appearance can be purple or brown) under the left foot but wasn't really worried as he thought it was a minor occurrence that would disappear shortly.

‘’The abrasion got slightly raised above the surrounding skin and developed into a bump .It was slightly bigger the next month, so I decided to get it checked out in Hospital’’, narrates Batte.

According to a results slip seen by our reporter, signed by Dr.Wamala Dan, a senior Consultant Pathologist at Path Diagnostics Uganda Ltd, Batte was diagnosed with Kaposi Sarcoma Cancer.

‘’Morphologic features are reminiscent of Nodular Kaposi’s sarcoma’’, reads in part the clinical findings carried out by Dr.Lwanga Ahmed, a clinician at Path Diagnostics Uganda Ltd.

Batte and his whole family were impacted and frightened by the diagnosis. He visited a number of doctors to research where to get treatment before a Doctor (Name withheld) in Kampala recommended an amputation of the leg.

At Uganda Cancer Institute ,a public, specialized, tertiary care medical facility owned by the Uganda Ministry of Health located at Mulago ,Batte was issued a patient number; STC/2249/20 on 6th June 2020.

When Batte was recommended by a Doctor in Wandegeya to go to CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, after examinations were carried out, three doctors reportedly told him that the only option was carrying out the amputation to save his life.


One day Batte’s brother was watching news on one of the local television (BBS) where he watched a patient's acknowledgement about healing cancer from Ssenfuka’s place.

‘’My brother called me and encouraged me to try and visit Ssenfuka in pursuit of saving my life’’, Batte added.

Days later, Batte was in Kasubi at Leonnia-NNN-Medical research and diagnostic center limited, a local firm by David Senfuka that concentrates more on the cure to diabetes and cancerous diseases.

‘’Hours after a long queue, I witnessed a lady who bowed down, full of tears of joy hailing Ssenfuka for saving her life. The lady had been on treatment at Ssenfuka’s place but upon doing a medical examination; it was revealed that she was healed of cancer .Somehow I found a whole new depth of determination and started focusing on Ssenfuka’s herbal remedies’’, narrated Batte.

This gave Batte the confidence to know he would make it into recovery. That’s exactly what happened.

Batte adds that Ssenfuka’s team assured him that they were going to take care of this and that he was not alone. He felt that he was in very safe hands which helped to take his concerns away.

Months later, Batte is better; he survived an amputation of the leg. He is able to walk, which was not possible in 2020 before he came to Kasubi.

During an interview, Batte displayed the foot and put it back in the shoe as he highlighted that he got new hope. David Batte’s Healing Foot after embarking on treatment from Ssenfuka.


‘’Right now, I'm busy with the “campaign" - getting rid of Cancer and diabetes. I also decided to speak out so that many of our people can have hope .Government should empower and protect Ssenfuka because he is not only a National but Global hero‘’, Batte emphasized.

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) acknowledging that 70 per cent - 80 per cent of adult Ugandans never see a doctor in their lifetimes, but instead rely on herbal remedies for their illnesses , many stakeholders want herbal cures from Ssenfuka to be given a green light and support from government.

Recently, Yusuf Serunkuma, a political theorist based at Makerere University said having cured hundreds of patients in the traditional way his grandmother did many years ago, which was outside of the purview of the state, Ssenfuka, in pure patriotic spirit, wants to mainstream his cures. He has to subject them to "modern science" and approval by his state.

Government through the Ministry of Science and Technology recently gave a green light to Ssenfuka to carry out clinical trials for his herbal remedy after it passed tests on product safety.

Ssenfuka’s Leonia-NNN-Medical Research and Diagnostic Center Limited collaborated with Leonbiotech Foundation to join funds to fight against cancer and diabetes globally.

Leonbiotech Foundation is headed by former Science and Technology Minister, Dr.Elioda Tumwesigye and former Makerere University Vice- Chancellor, Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu.

Following various stories, some of Ssenfuka’s clients have willingly given testimonies about how the herbal remedies changed their lives.

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