Prioritize implementation of existing laws on computer misuse

Ugandan Parliament members

A call to review, strengthen and implement existing laws so as to maintain the rule of law has been made by members of the civil society noting that this will limit duplication of laws.

According to Michael Aboneka, an advocate with Thomas and Michael Advocates, the Computer Misuse (Amendment) Bill 2022 that is before Parliament duplicates provisions in existing laws.

Among the existing laws that cure issues raised in the proposed Bill are the Constitution, the Children Act, the Human Rights Enforcement Act 2019, the Penal Code Act, the Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019 and the Regulation of Interception of Communications Act.

Appearing before the ICT and National Guidance Committee on Wednesday, 10 August 2022 to present views on the proposed Bill, Aboneka observed that certain provisions of the current Computer Misuse Act do not clearly spell out the ingredients of the offence of offensive communication.


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