Opposition leaders hold a joint press conference at Hotel Africana

Bobiwine and Besigye

The leaders of opposition  have today had a conference  where they discussed  alot.

"I want to send messages to three types of people. First, my fellow leaders from different political parties and formations." Bobi Wine.

He assumes that time has come to change their message and be more realistic to the electorate.

"We go into the elections promising change, even when we know that when one becomes an MP, under the Museveni regime, apart from agitating, we can change very little"Bobiwine added.

"The way to get back our power is to unite all of us and the population to be rallied together. Once that happens, I'm very excited that I can see it now beginning to happen"Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Even if we said that let all of us do this, this regime has no capacity to stop it as Besigye uncovered. 

Credit : NBS TV


  1. opposion should stop wasting peoples time if they can't unite for a common goal


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