Moses A. Uyang: I am an African Child !

Moses A. Uyang

Oh Child of Africa

Seed of History

Heritage of Humanity

Patrimony of Blood,

Of Conscience Free

Who dares trade your pain for gold

And your dread for bread that never gets to your mouth

Who leaves you shirtless in the sun and

Homeless in the rain

Displaced in camps of hopes, Vampired

 I am an African Child

Plaited in an ancestry wild and kind Which gives rise to humanity

Rise to bravery

Why do you want to make me less human? 

In my frailty?

Let's go back to our root

As I plead to your conscience

To treat me right

To give me warmth

I am an African Child.

Poem by: Moses A. Uyang

Humanitarian, Author, and Poet

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