Mao's DP and M7 NRM Marriage, not all hopes has gone! Disclaimer, I don't support the move.

Acholi say, "olwango ma miny kiyiko ki lyel" Meaning, a stupid house fly is buried with the dead!  

They also say,  "while dining with a devil,  use a long folk! Yes, I trust Norbert Mao must do everything to follow Acholi wisdom. 

Reading the pact, transition is great but I believe using the Ministry of Kustice and Constitutional Affairs, I trust the state will redress the obnoxious laws like public order management bill and set up with parliament enabling laws that must guide transition. 

If the merger is to destroy multipartysm,  and kill opposition then history will condemn you and time will prove you wrong Mr President.  Uganda has had it's fair share of conflicts and bloodshed. At his70s, the President must be wiser.

Disclaimer, on July 20th and 21st I wrote two articles that were misconstrued by many Ugandans.

I must state that I hate misrule, corruption and dictatorship. I am a victim. I am a cripple and a disabled . Tortured in walk to work protests by militias. 

I am learning to speak because of neurological problems caused. I am disappointed with everybody. 

A dictatorship that has blocked all democratic tenates, and institutionalized corruption. 

 We lose more than 500 billion shillings yearly on corruption.  The level of desperation is high. 

I wrote "Mao DP and M7 NRM pact exposes fake opposition in Uganda ".

Many asked, what are you looking for? Are you on pay roll?. Why die for a Mao who destroyed you? Ugandans, by the way, I am hated by the regime.

If I were in Uganda, I would be buried. I  would be in parliament but they did everything to destroy me.  

I feel Acholi are few, I must be the last person to support a Mao, though my mentor but supported my opponents and denied me parliament.

But if the agreement they reached, is for a peaceful transition and he will help Uganda have a realistic future, then kudos.  God will bless him. 

My article was meant to express my disappointment with an opposition that enables dictatorship. 

How do you get over 2 billion as leading opposition in parliament, each MP getting more than 20 million shillings monthly and you expect change? Participate in sham elections, what's the difference between you and Mao working with Museveni? You work for him and overstay! . 

You tell Ugandans,  we have fake and sham elections, but you participate every five years.

The regime, removed term limits, age limit and I hope they won't use Mao's office and parliament to remove adult suffrage to elect president. 

Ugandans, my writing that Mao/NRM pact exposed fake opposition was not in support of Mao's actions. 

Disclaimer, I don’t associate with dictatorship in uganda.

Through out my life in Uganda, i lived seeing injustice metted on our people. 

The two decades genocide has downed on our people that majority sleep hungry, can’t afford to educate their children to school. It will be foolhardy to do that. 

I stated that the pact exposed fake opposition because am disappointed with Uganda opposition!

Whatever Mao did in broad day light, most so called opposition leaders do it at night.  

To me, any opposition maintaining position, some in parliament, go for elections yearly are a disappointment. They justify one man's rule.  

To me, i was disgusted by Mao joining the lion’s den. At a time Acholi demands answers from the unfortunate killing of their sons. 

I feel the deals Mao reached with Museveni was good but a raw deal for Acholi, a people languishing in poverty and post war trauma. 

Finally, Dislaimer, my earlier opinion was seen as support to Mao, not at all, am only disappointed with a fake opposition.. 

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