Makerere Suspends Student Guild and Ongoing Guild Elections

Makerere Suspends Student Guild and Ongoing Guild Elections

A letter from University Council to vice chancellor Professor Nawangwe, appears below.


Whereas Section 40(2) (a) of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001, as amended, (the Act) mandates the University Council with the responsibility for the direction of the administrative, financial, and academic affairs of the University; 

And whereas Section 40(2)(d) obligates the Council to do any other thing and take all necessary decisions conducive to the fulfillment of the objects and functions of the University;

And Whereas Section 41(f) of the Act empowers the Council to provide for the welfare and discipline of the students;

And whereas Section 42 of the Makerere University Council Charter, 2009 empowers the Council Chairperson to take decisions on behalf of the Council in extraordinary circumstances.

It is hereby noted as follows:

1) Makerere University Council is appalled by the violent events that have characterized the electoral campaigns for the 88th Students Guild leadership, which resulted in the loss of the life of one of the young people participating in the campaign activities;

2) The University Management and Council have repeatedly raised concerns about the persistent cases of indiscipline and violent altercations among members of the Students Guild and the Students Senior Common Room, which often resulted in damage to University property and injury to University Students and staff; 

3) Management and the Council have repeatedly engaged the Student leaders at the Guild and SCR levels to address the violent behaviour, but the engagements have not yielded any improvements. 

It is now directed as follows: 

1) The ongoing elections for the 88th Makerere University Students Guild leadership are suspended indefinitely; 

2) The Makerere University Students Guild is suspended with immediate effect. This suspension includes the Guild Care Taker Government and the Students Common Room; 

3) Management shall investigate all cases of violence in the electoral campaigns for the 88th Students Guild leadership and report to the Council for appropriate action; 

4) The Council will convene in an emergency meeting on Friday 15th July 2022 to consider further actions to address student indiscipline and violence at the University. 


Lorna Magara (Mrs.) 


 Copies To

Rt. Honourable Speaker of Parliament 

 Rt. Honourable Deputy Speaker of Parliament 

First Lady and Honourable Minister of Education and Sports 

Chairperson Education Committee, Parliament of Uganda 

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Sports 

Inspector General of Police 

Vice Chairperson of Council 

 Chairperson, Students Affairs Committee  

 Chairperson, Students Disciplinary Committee 


 University Secretary  

 Dean of Students 

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