School in Gomba stranded with two headteachers

School stranded with two headteachers

The two headteachers identified as Ms. Nanyonjo Agnes, the former acting headteacher of the school and Ms. Madrine Gwaliwo, former headteacher of Kabulasoke demonstration school are in a bitter row over authority after the former refused to vacate the school following a transfer letter from the district education department.

St. Augustine Nakulamudde primary school in Gomba district is stranded with two headteachers controversially both claiming authority over the school.

The newly appointed headteacher, Ms. Gwaliwo Madrine operates from the staffroom as the information received claims that Ms. Nanyonjo Agnes locked the headteacher's office and refused to hand the key to the former.

Sources also claim that the pupils of  St. Augustine Nakulamudde primary school missed their first week of the second term after Ms. Nanyonjo Agnes left the classrooms locked only until the community authorities intervened to break the padlocks.

Other sources also claim that the refusal of Ms. Nanyonjo is as a result of posting her as a deputy headteacher on another school which seems to have annoyed her. The district education officer of Gomba also states that they have tried to engage Ms. Nanyonjo in meetings to clear this controversy but she never turns up and therefore the issue was forwarded to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Ms. Nanyonjo is set to therefore face disciplinary action in which she will have to explain the reasons for her refusal to follow the transfer orders, a  kind of unprofessional behavior.

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