Chief Justice And OB's Pledge to Rebuild Nabumali High school

MBALE, CR : Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, along with other old boys from Nabumali High School in Mbale District, have pledged to work together to revitalize their academic fortunes in the  School.

At the school's 110th anniversary celebrations in Mbale district on Saturday, Judge Dollo, who was the chief guest, said they would start restoring discipline to the school, which has been plagued by violent strikes and administrative strikes over the past issues. 

The best key to opening anything is discipline. If there's no discipline, there's no good performance, so get organized and put our school back on the map as  he accentuated.

Ms Rose Opondi, president of the Alumni Association, said there were signs the school was returning to its former glory. They want their school to be rebuilt step by step not only in terms of infrastructure but also in terms of discipline and school performance according to her.

Nabumali High School had  one of the best students in the country. But since 2004, academic standards have dropped terribly. 

Judge Dollo urged the school board that restoring , and maintaining discipline is up to  the students and the board and is the starting point for the reconstruction of the powerful Nabumali.

Mr. Daniel Douglas Kaima, the principal, thanked the alumni for their efforts to revive the school. The 110th anniversary activities included the official opening of a renovated school swimming pool. 

Formerly called Mivule High School, it began in 1900 and was established in 1912 at its current address in Nabumali.The school's decline began in 2004, when a violent strike robbed the school of its most prestigious Senate building after a fire started by students on 11 October. The school lost all major administrative offices, the principal, vice-principal, staff room, accounting, library, storage, and unclaimed academic documents dating back to 1933, which caught fire.

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