OPINION : Who benefits from the plush wedding parties?

Ugandan Couple on wedding

It has become a norm for young men and women intending to marry to make posh introduction wedding parties. Unfortunately this culture of big parties has put unnecessary pressure on young people, especially young men with many of them delaying to marry because they cannot raise the money. Yet the other genuine reasons for starting a family shouldn't be sidelined at the expense of a one-day ceremony.

The incomes of same young people are not increasing. Young people have found themselves under a lot of pressure to organise luxurious functions and some feel they should do it at all costs even if it means taking bank loans, can you plan to spend it in one day? I have seen people who get indebtied after the posh weddings that they cannot even afford to pay rent. I have seen those who have lost their inesses because they used all their capital to "invest" in the wedding ceremonies.

Majority of those intending to wed resort to wedding meetings that could otherwise be correctly described as begging meetings. Those contributions from friends are also some sort of indirect loans since one may have to pay them back at one point when those friends organise their functions.

To clarify, I am not against parties. I am not against people celebrating important milestones in their lives. I am not against people who have money organising plush parties.

I am instead against the average young people organising plush parties they cannot afford in real sense, thereby putting their finances under a lot of pressure for a long time. That is why I ask the question "who benefits from all these plush wedding parties? Well, you could say the service providers.

In such meetings, people are coerced to contribute by all means. It doesn't matter if you haven't been in touch for over a decade, but the couple will look for your number too. It defeats logic for someone who has never held sh20m to draft wedding budget of sh50m or sh100m. If you have been working and you have never saved such money, how good a number of couples become stressed during the preparations for the wedding ceremonies that they don't even enjoy. 

It is such a daunting task that people even lose weight during the process. Many find party time consuming and unnecessarily expensive. They may still attend because they don't want to be misunderstood.


Nicholas Aruho.

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