Mbarara Central Market at Verge of Opening, Relocation Of Vendors

Mbarara Central Market at Verge of Opening, Relocation Of Vendors

MBARARA, : Mbarara area city leaders have begun migrating vendors to the new present day central market developed under the second period of the Market and Agricultural Trade Improvement Program-MATIP-2.

The movement of about 1,000 sellers began on Thursday following quite a number of conflicts between city specialists and market merchants. The conflict began after reports that about 300 sellers were not in the market vendor's list.

Sellers blamed city pioneers for  slowdown and furthermore claimed that the city head business official James Agaba and his colleague accepted kickbacks to permit non-vendors into the market. The two were later interdicted by the Local Government Minister Raphael Magyezi.

A few sellers whined that the portions depended on relations with the technical individuals and the larger part would not take up lockups designated to them by the city specialists.

Joweria Sebugerere, one of the merchants communicated fervor when she got her stall.

She said that the postponements to open the market have impacted them monetarily since the spot they were working from was far and couldn't draw in clients.

She says numerous merchants had deserted their stalls and kiosks because of absence of clients.

Musa Ntaazi, another merchant praised the 25-man verification committee team that was designated by the Minister.

Emmanuel Muhumuza, the Chairperson of the Vendors Association says that the migration will be directed bit by bit and has given need to sellers managing organic products, vegetables, chicken, fish, and meat.

He says they have set up an eight-man requests panel to get any objections that will emerge from the relocation exercise.

Mbarara central market was built at an expense of 21 Billion Shillings and sits on one acre of land.

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Mbarara Central Market at Verge of Opening Relocation Of Vendors

Mbarara Central Market at Verge of Opening on Relocation Of Vendors

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