What a disappointing UNATU is?-Disappointed Geography Teacher

What a disappointing UNATU is?-Disappointed Geography Teacher

OPINION : What a disappointing UNATU is?-Disappointed Geography Teacher Laments

For all these years we thought we had a union yet we were led by mafias, politicians with hidden agenda.

I regret the day I accepted to go for IA baguma announced little did I know that baguma was egocentric, politically driven by politicians and most opposition mps, private schools owners.

Baguma has put us to shame ,has sold us and has even misused our 1%deducted money.

Fellow arts teachers come tomorrow morning me I have decided to go to school and work,secure my job rather than later being dropped and I face individual problems. I am sorry for letting you down but me logically have observed bugama is just trying to give a countability of our money and is not after us being given money.

Let us remember the bakiga proverb "akakungu karugamu owobwegye" literally meaning in a group of peers only the wise become successful and survives  danger.

Following this my heart has decided to go and work for my family and stop following majority for consequences has taken a route of individuality.

Finally I appeal to my arts teachers let us make our UPATU strong and it can negotiate for us other wise We shall not succed with UNATU.

Thank you for listening to me and please make sure you do personal decision to fit your needs.


Sadic  Amanya 

Geography/history teacher

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  1. Who is amanya? How did you come to know that? Please give us information and evidence.
    Let me hope you 've not been hired to say such. It will be very unfortunate to learn that you are a machinery or mafia.
    Good tohear


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