Ex-UN Pensioner Runs Broke And Commits Suicide in Entebbe


Alberto Montana (RIP) with his significant other before he kicked the bucket.

Ex  UN Pensioner Commits Suicide  Due to Bankruptcy.

Regional Police in Entebbe is examining the passing on of a one Alberto Montana, a 78 year old Italian beneficiary who was tracked down dead at his home in Katabi on Tuesday.

Fundamental reports recommend that Montana ended it all. For some time he had been battling monetarily which prompted him to experience sorrow after leaving his significant other as the sole provider of the family.

Before his passing, Montana, a previous worker of the United Nations was living with his Ugandan spouse for five years and their kid.

His dead body was found by his better half holding tight a rope in their home when she got back from work on the portentous day. A self destruction note was likewise found.

Montana's better half was momentarily confined by police to assist with the examination however was subsequently delivered.

The Italian retired person is set to be covered at the spouse's genealogical home in Mukono locale.

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