UWA Welcomes 7 Year Court Sentence For Parrots Trafficker

UWA Welcomes 7 Year Court Sentence  For Parrots Trafficker

Kampala, - Uganda Wildlife Authority welcomes a court sentence of seven years given to a Congolese national identified as Mbaya Kabongo Bob who was arrested with 2 cages containing 122 African Grey Parrots in Kisoro District.

The Standards, Utilities and Wildlife court yesterday sentenced Mbaya to seven years in jail for each of the two counts of importing wildlife specimens into Uganda without a valid licence and unlawful possession of protected wildlife species contrary to sections 62(2),(a)(3) and 71(1),(b) of the Uganda wildlife Act 2019 respectively. The sentencing comes after Mbaya pleaded guilty to the offences and he will serve both sentences concurrently.

Mbaya was arrested on April 14, 2022 during a joint operation conducted by UWA, UPDF and Police in Kibaya village, Bunagana town council Kisoro district. He was found in possession of 2 cages containing 122 African Grey Parrots 3 of which were dead and 2 more died later.

Seven years for Mbaya in jail will serve as a warning to others in the business of wildlife trafficking or those who intend to get involved in this business that Uganda cannot be used as either a transit route or a destination for trafficked wildlife species.

They thank  the judiciary and in particular, the judicial officer who presided over the case for swiftly dispensing justice for the parrots that were being trafficked and those that died in the process.

The African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus) is one of the endangered species whose population decline is attributed to harvest for international trade and habitat loss among others. The global population of the African Grey Parrot is currently estimated between 40,000 to 100,000. We should therefore protected this bird to ensure that it does not become extinct.

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