UMA Clarifies On Doctor Who Defiled a Patient


UMA Clarifies On Doctor Who Defiled a Patient


An online media house called Watchdog Uganda on May 28, 2022 published a story with the headline "Mbale medical doctor caught red handed defiling 12 year old sick girl in treatment room, arrested".

The story read in part as "Police in Northern city division in Mbale city is holding a medical doctor accused of defiling and raping 12 year old senior one student of Town Side HighSchool........"

The Uganda Medical Association (UMA) is an umbrella body that brings together all doctors in Uganda to strengthen service delivery, ethics and professionalism and advocate for the welfare of the doctors.
UMA Elgon branch conducted an inquiry in relation to the above story including an interview with the accused person. The leadership of UMA Elgon Branch hereby clarifies as follows:

The accused is called Khaukha Charles, a 25yr old male.
He dropped out of Dokolo School of Nursing about 2yrs ago.He has been working illegally as a nurse at St Andrew's Clinic located in Bujoloto cell, Nkoma ward. Northern division in Mbale City.

The said clinic is owned by a friend of the accused by the name of Osama Geoffrey, who is said to be a clinical officer, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.
The accused states that the premises sheltering the clinic were demolished by the landlord and are currently being used for a poultry farm.

In conclusion, the accused is NOT a Medical Doctor as stated in the media!
We would like to inform the general public that not all people who work in clinics and health facilities and wear white clinical coats are Doctors. We encourage the public to be vigilant and report any malpractices and quacks to the authorities.

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Dr Mulongo Muhamed
Chairman, UMA Elgon Branch

Prof Collins

I am a professional Investigative Journalist. I provide trustworthy and reliable information.

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