Speaker Anita Among To Punish MP Namanya Naboth For Attacking Minister Musenero Outside Parliament.

Speaker Anita Among To Punish MP Namanya Naboth For Attacking Minister Musenero Outside Parliament.

KAMPALA, UNN: The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among has vowed to make a move against the Rubabo County MP Naboth Namanya for having gone after the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Monica Musenero on Tuesday night.

The improvement comes after a video that has since turned into a web sensation via web-based entertainment stages in which MP Namanya is seen obnoxiously going after Dr. Musenero as she tended to journalists outside Parliament.

This was not long after Dr. Musenero introduced her reaction to the report by a Selected Committee that explored the usage of assets intended to work with the COVID-19 vaccination  improvement.

The report introduced last week to Parliament by Xavier Kyooma, the Chairperson of the Selected Committee on Science, Technology, and Innovation said that the most common way of fostering a vaccination  was damaged with anomalies in spite of perceptions that some headway has been made.

The council saw that poor monetary administration came about in somewhere around 2.06 billion Shillings not being represented under functional assets. Panel Chairperson Kyooma likewise refered to one more 491 million not represented and questioned 1.4 billion for PRESIDE staff. This was likewise seen by the Auditor General, John Muwanga is his most recent review report.

Dr. Musenero was a Presidential Advisor on Epidemics at the time reserves were benefited to researchers under the Presidential Scientific Initiative on Epidemics (PRESIDE) for Covid-19 immunization advancement. , She is a brainchild of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, and examinations by parliament into the use of assets were started off by a protest by Ntungamo Municipality MP Yona Musinguzi on botch of cash.

Anyway in her reaction to the panel discoveries, Dr. Musenero said that no assets were delivered straightforwardly to PRESIDE for COVID-19 vaccination  research purposes. She says that examination awards were rather delivered straightforwardly to the grantees and the cycles were overseen by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

It's after her reaction on the floor that MP Namanya is caught on camera at the parliament parking area, going after Dr. Musenero while being evaluated by columnists.

"How might you scheme with government to take citizen's cash? No, that one isn't OK and we will not permit that and regardless of whether parliament absolves you… we will continue to follow you," Namanya Naboth halfway tells Dr. Musenero in a video.

In the video Dr. Musenero is seen grinning and looking on as Namanya affronts her. Namanya later left and entered the Parliament building and Musenero went on with her meeting.

In light of this occurrence, Speaker Anita Among on Wednesday told an entire sitting that the demonstration wouldn't go on without serious consequences and she was to make a move against MP Namanya.

Anita  Among says that they do in the House influences on how individuals consider them outside. She unequivocally alert a portion of their partners… when they finish a discussion in the House, they should not proceed to go after their  associates outside. It is extremely, lamentable.

She noticed that she had watched the video where the MP assaults Dr. Musenero at the parliament steps, portraying it as perilous.

The Speaker of parliament has abilities under the Rules of Procedure to coordinate the House Rules, Discipline and Privileges Committee to examine charges of offense against certain officials. The board of trustees is commanded to examine protests of hatred of parliament, break of honors and indiscipline among others. The Committee conducts examinations, orders a report and makes proposals to Parliament.

A valid example is an examination led during the Tenth Parliament following charges of undermining savagery

the Dokolo Woman MP, Cecilia Ogwal evened out against then Security Minister, Gen. Elly Tumwine. Ogwal appealed to parliament blaming Tumwine for pulling his firearm on her while smoldering and taking steps to hurt her. The board of trustees explored the claims, introduced its discoveries and suggestions to parliament.

As indicated by the advisory group report that was discussed and taken on by parliament, Tumwine was seen as at legitimate fault for penetrating the parliamentary honors. In any case, little is had some significant awareness of move made against the previous Minister after previous Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said she expected to address Ogwal and Tumwine.

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