Segirinya Celebrates Birthday In Prison

Segirinya Celebrates Birthday  In Prison

Common freedoms extremist and Member of parliament addressing opposition  Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya Celebrates his birthday today while in detainment for near seven months. The opposition  legislator was captured and  his companion and individual from parliament Hon Ssewanyana by the Ugandan military.

The team were captured on claims of instigating viciousness and associated with killings that were happening in mukono against resistance allies. In the claims, arraignment expresses that Hon Ssewanyana and Him Muhammad Ssegirinya financed the killings of NUP allies in mukono and masaka regions.

The two have rejected  the charges against them and have since been remanded to jail. In spite of the way that court requested the arrival of the two, the government  has not delivered them and has since abused court requests to have them delivered.

NUP President, H.E Bobi Wine posted on his Facebook course of events today commending the birthday of Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad saying that Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya is commending his birthday today from jail. In the same way as other different friends of our own, he has been remanded without preliminary for more than seven months up until this point. But opportunity is coming.


Segirinya Celebrates Birthday  In Prison  Bobiwine
NUP president Bobiwine 

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