Prof Eli Katunguka Re-appointed Vice Chancellor Kyambogo University

Prof Eli Katunguka Re-appointed Vice Chancellor Kyambogo University

KAMPALA, BM: Prof Eli Katunguka,who has been  Kyambogo University’s Vice Chancellor since 2017 and has been re-appointed to serve a second term in the same office.

The Universities and other tertiary Institutions act gives that there will be a bad habit chancellor for every state funded college who will be liable for academic,administration and monetary issues of the college.

It further expresses that the Vice chancellor will be named on conditions not set in stone by the University gathering for a considerable length of time and will be qualified for re-arrangement for another term.

On November 1,2021,Prof Eli Katunguka addressed a letter to the University gathering administrator Dr.Mary Gorreti Nakabugo looking for reappointment briefly term.It is on this premise that the previous' solicitation was conceded.

The Professor has took it to twitter to thank everybody for the best wishes.'Received an unexpected greeting to the college on seventeenth May by top Management and Deans as I began my second term as bad habit chancellor kyambogo university.Thank you everybody' he tweeted.

The previous' initial term in office has been defaced with brutal strikes like the twelfth Week Policy strike among different strikes that were organized by understudies to challenge two or three his arrangements albeit many property the immense development and advancement of the Institution to his energetic and very much planned work

All the best Professor in your new term of office.

Government to Audit Coffee Report- Attorney General 


  1. Kindly encourage more of ur Juniors or promote them to full professorship. I don't see you performing any different in this term. Kyu staff should expect more of the same. For me this is very unfortunate much as your excited about the re-appointment. At such an age isn't called for. Learn to mentor others such precedents are not called for but if you're the only Prof and youngest among all and willing to serve, then receive my congratulations. Are you aware you will be 72 years when that term comes to an end? Shame!!!


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