Nyege Nyege Festival Gets New Venue In Jinja

Nyege Festival Gets New Venue In Jinja

Africa's greatest and most courageous live performance Nyege gets back to the shores of the River Nile in Uganda after more than two years of lockdown.

Considered Uganda's most expected occasion on the annually friendly schedule, Nyege Festival will occur starting  from fifteenth to eighteenth September 2022 at another area, uncovered as Itanda Falls.

While disclosing the new dates and scene on Friday, it was uncovered that the old setting turned out to be excessively little and there was a requirement for change to give the occasion another edge.

The festival  fellow benefactor Derek Debru uncovered that  Itanda Falls will be the scene for Nyege for the following five years.

Following two years of lockdown this will be the most notable release by a long shot with another area, new encounters, and gigantic line up of in excess of 300 craftsmen from everywhere the world.

The celebration established on affection, flexibility, enthusiasm for music and focusing light on Uganda, is betting everything this year, teaming up with aggregates from across the mainland.

By moving up to a shiny new site, Nyege is certain that it will actually want to offer revelers a more agreeable and roomy experience, while making Itanda Falls famous as one of East Africa's most entrancing the travel industry objections.

In spite of a two-year constrained break, Nyege's vision continues as before: to clean up the worldwide culture space of old thoughts regarding what's going on with African music, to dissipate existing and harsh generalizations, and to give more impartial admittance to global markets for African creatives, as well as a space for assorted voices from elective music to interface with each other.

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