Masindi Journalist Short Dead

Masindi Journalist  Short Dead

MASINDI, (UR) : Media brotherhood in Masindi area has Wednesday morning awaken with disheartening fresh insight about the passing of their partner, Gerald Aseera.

Gerald Aseera, a columnist connected to Kings Broadcasting Services {Kings FM 93.6} Masindi was shot dead the evening of Tuesday by a confidential safety officer in Masindi town.

''Aseera was shot last night by a confidential safety officer, he was simply moving around, and the watchman thought him to be a criminal, and wound up shooting him in the chest,'' individual specialist said.

He additionally unveiled that Aseera was subsequently hurried to Masindi locale general clinic however he passed on, tragically. ''After the episode he was hurried to Masindi emergency clinic for drug, sadly he passed on in no time,'' he said.

The dormant assemblage of Aseera is at Masindi emergency clinic mortuary.

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