Financial Emergency Versus History : If you can't afford bread buy cassava

lawmakers contrast president Museveni with Marie Antoinette!

Financial Emergency versus History: Resistance lawmakers contrast president Museveni with Marie Antoinette!

Resistance groups have responded to President Museveni's recommendation to Ugandans to pick cassava assuming that the cost of bread is far off. President Museveni was talking about the ascent in item costs during Work day festivities on Sunday.

Legislators from the Leftist faction, Public Solidarity Stage, Discussion for Popularity based Change and Uganda Individuals' Congress feel that the president is disconnected from the impacted populace with some portraying the head of state as the male rendition of Marie Antoinette, the antiquated sovereign of France, who encouraged the oppressed populace to go for a cake in the event that they can't manage the cost of bread.

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