A lady that Seduces Men To Steal their Property Arrested

lady that Seduces Men To Steal their Property Arrested

KAMPALA, UPF : Police Flying Squad Unit in Kampala Metropolitan Police region has captured a lady who is claimed to have been steadying clueless male revelers prior to taking from them their property.

Jackie Aine Mbabazi has been focusing on men in diversion places and draw them into a relationship however later trim tranquilizers in their beverages while they are hanging out or at the casualties' homes.

At the point when she understands that casualty had been wrecked by the tranquilizers, she reaches her companions, who come and take all the casualty's property before they escape the home.

She is to show up at City Hall Court on charges of robbery when her record is endorsed.

Police  needs to alert men to continuously be extremely cautious while cooperating with ladies they meet without precedent in these bars.

At the point when you are having a beverage with an outsider, continually watch out for it.

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