David Sejusa Signs Out of Army


KAMPALA, DM : Previous spymaster David Sejusa, who originally applied to leave the military in 1996, was yesterday seen recording in the retirement reports at the Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs, a sign that he will be permitted to leave the Force in July.

This improvement was imparted on the authority Twitter handle record of the Ministry of Defense representative, Brig Felix Kulayigye, yesterday.

Gen Sejusa's offered to stop the military began in 1996, yet it was turned somewhere around the military administration.

With that impact, he requested of the High Court in Kampala, with then managing judge Margaret Ouma Oguli, administering in support of himself prior to requesting government to repay him Shs750 million.

In any case, the public authority pursued against the choice and the Court of Appeal upset the previous choice.

At the wedding of his girl Sharon Nankunda in Mbarara in December 2004, Gen Sejusa looked for open acknowledgment and vowed to work with his chief, President Museveni, who serves as the president of the military.

Gen Tinyefuza, who changed his name to Sejusa on February 17, 2012, cleared up that his choice for leave the military and the resulting claim he documented against government, combined with his push for the reclamation of Omugabeship in Ankole, was commenced on a slip by in his judgment.

Gen Sejusa later got back to senior sending, the last being as the facilitator of insight administrations.

In 2013, he wrote a dossier where he asked then chief general of Internal Security Organization (ISO), Brig Ronnie Balya, to ask into claims that he, close by other top government authorities saw to be against the 'Muhoozi Project', were focuses of oppression.

It was asserted that President Museveni was setting up his child, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, to supplant him and that anybody who might come in their manner, would be "killed".

Confronting the gamble of capture and indictment, Gen Sejusa escaped to the United Kingdom.

The two distributions were subsequently resumed. Gen Sejusa got back to Uganda discreetly following a mysterious discussion and was gotten by Brig Balya, who drove him to meet President Museveni.

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