Child Cruelty And Neglect Offences Double

Child Cruelty And Neglect Offences Double

KIKUUBE, AT : A child known as Clever, born disabled child is the one who has been found today under the bed of his biological father Mr JUSTUS  who is said to be working with Hoima Sugar LTD after un lawful divorce with the mother whose names have been withheld.

Kyomugisa Teddy District councilor Kiziranfumbi Subcounty together with Hon Barungi Edith Pwds District councilor Kikuube District, hand in hand with local Council ones Committee of kajoga lc1, Found Clever in Munteme Parish- Kiziranfumbi Subcounty KIkuube district.

They found the child in doors under neglected bed and neglected house, the child looks so exploited and brutalised   where the grandmother mentioned that, she was advised by her own son not to provide any basic need to clever unless otherwise same to the stepmom. 

Neglected Clever has been admitted at KIkuube health center IV Nutrition department by the help of these merciful servants of the almighty .

Hon Kyomugisa Teddy told the eye witness that, they are making  a voice to all people of the world, to provide the little they can to save so far 4 Neglected children one In Mulago, clever at Kikuube health center IV, and others in the foster movement . She futhrer called upon all citizens within an all aspects who are witnessing such happen to children to sound out for the run as these are the generation of tomorrow since they are innocent.

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