Best Double-crossing / POLITICAL SELLOUT (BOBI WINE)

Best Double-crossing / POLITICAL SELLOUT (BOBI WINE)

The SOC co-ordinated a gathering where Muhoozi and Bobi Wine met and discussed the outcome of the Ugandan opposition. There were two views. It could be Odrek Rwabwogo joining NUP or Muhoozi. The idea had to be postponed because the two players did not think how the game would be perceived by the public. Therefore, they decided to increase the resistance process by the process until in the real sense there was no resistance. The pass is made by the plans of anyone who has eaten the bully's cash but decides to return to the opposition unless it is done deliberately in order to work for the dispot.

The UFDF generally informs the people of Uganda that there is nothing the basis of the BCD controls without our understanding and many circumstances without our consent. It is embedded deep within the frame and will break the foundation with high precision precision techniques.

As the UFDF enters the process of working without shadows, we have recruited a variety of specialized specialists to tackle amazing tasks. We emphasize resilience and confidence in everyone and promise to surpass anyone who tries to deceive the goal.


  1. I'm pleading to government of Uganda and president if it's possible some thing has to be discussed about commodity increasement price and yet salary we are getting is low and yet parliament can't wages limite,


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