Norbert Mao at crossroads with NUP and FDC.

    Norbert Mao, president general of DP, the oldest political party in Uganda has defended himself from the recent criticism against him of allying with NRM, the current ruling party.

      The "intelligent" professional lawyer who became president of DP in 2010 has been strongly regarded as a mole by the opposition, accusing him of being green on top and yet yellow inside.

        Speaking to party leaders in Mbale, the outspoken politician made it clear that he doesn't believe in the motives of NUP and FDC as he embarks on a country tour to rebuild the party structures to enable them to take over power.

          He said that the other opposition parties are against DP and asked if he is ready to sit on a round table with them, Mao said that he would be willing to discuss with FDC and NUP if they are to agree on the main goal and the specific role each has to play.

         The DP president further highlighted that his recent alliance with NRM has started bearing fruits after NRM agreed to back DP's Gerald Siranda for East African Legislative Assembly MP seat which he regarded as a major boost for his party. 

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