MUST strike resolutions to yield fruits

Students at Mbarara University of Science and Technology on Friday morning, the 11th of March showed their lack of satisfaction to the university management as they opted to protest as the best way to make their feelings known. 

      The students' demonstration led by the guild president, H.E Justus Mugyenyi Kizito who won the recently concluded MUST elections with a landslide victory highlighted a number of issues that were not in favor of the students' time at the campus.

       Among others these issues included monopoly of the food service provider at Kihumuro campus, the "unfair" retake policy, changing results on students' portal, lack of school practice funds and non-functional toilets.

       The resilient students protested as they made their issues clear to the university administration before the police coming in to restore the environment back to normal, with use of tear gas as well as arresting some of the students who were on the Frontline. 

       The remaining students however continued to demonstrate, demanding for the release of their arrested colleagues and this was duly fulfilled by the police. 

        Later on the same day, a meeting was held at the Kihumuro campus which was attended by the RCC, all deputy VCs, RPC, RISO, university Engineer, university secretary, university bursar, guild president and other student leaders to resolve the issues. 

        In an official address to the students body, the guild president informed the MUST students about the strike resolutions attached below:

            If the above resolutions are to be put into action, it will be easy to conclude that the strike by MUST students yielded fruits.

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