MUST finalist reportedly attempts to take poison.

   A finalist at Mbarara University of Science and Technology who finished his program in the the university's last academic year has reportedly attempted to take poison due to a controversial change in his results on the student portal.

   Mbarara University students took up online lectures in their entire second semester of the academic year 2020/21 and afterwards wrote their end of semester exams after reporting back in November, 2021 in what was a decision taken by the university board with an attempt to deal with the country's lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 second wave.

    The results of that semester were recently officially released by the office of the Academic registrar, however with a number of controversies caused by a reported adjustment in the grading system. Reports show that initially on the student portal, some students received results which however later  changed in the due course for example a student with an initial letter grade C+ later changed to grade C. 

       A certain finalist who was also affected by the adjustment in the grading system with a letter grade D turning into grade F reportedly attempted to take poison because an F grade, literally a retake meant that he would not go ahead to graduate even after hustling for four years in pursuit of the award.

       Official communication from the office of the Academic Registrar regarding the controversies in results on student portals confirmed that they were caused by a grading system upgrade. The grading system initially rounded off the final score, say 49.5 to 50 which was grade D but with the system upgrade, the score 49.5 is instead truncated to 49 which is grade F. 

      The communication further highlighted that most of the affected students were those who obtained borderline marks as their final score for example a student who got 79.9 would obtain grade B+ with execution of the truncating format instead of grade A like earlier with the rounding off format.

       Other students have still however shown dissatisfaction with this communication insisting that an initial letter grade B on the portal would as well turn into a letter grade D which is unbearable. This has had a lot of negative effect on their CGPA thus wrong interpretation on their academic abilities. 

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