Car Thieves Arrested With 8 Vehicles Found

Car Thieves Arrested With 8 Vehicles Found _

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ _ Car Thieves Arrested With 8 Vehicles Found _

The Flying Squad Unit and the Kampala Metropolitan Regional Police are currently conducting an anti-car theft operation. So far, eight vehicles have been recovered and five suspects arrested.

Of the eight vehicles, four were claimed by the owners. The remaining four vehicles are currently parked at CID headquarters, Kibuli, for safekeeping. Two of the four vehicles parked at CID Kibuli have no number plates.

Police are working with other agencies to find owners and hand them over. During the investigation we found that the recovered vehicles were stolen in the Kla Metropolitan Area and later driven by criminals to public parking lots in Lugala, Kosovo, Nakulabye and Nakawuka.

The suspects later sold the stolen cars in full or demolished them and then sold them. Police are currently seeking to arrest the buyers of the stolen vehicles as there has been evidence that the vehicles were allegedly bought and sold knowing they were stolen.

>>> Luke  Spox Deputy KMP

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